Control of the vaccination cards

The precheckkingtime is closed. Please bring all documents to the vetcheck on site!

Each starter is responsible for the timely sending of the vaccination cards themselves. Please submit only the certificates of the dogs registered for the race. There will be a comparison with the entry lists of the nations. In case of a change of the dog, the check will be done on the spot.

The copies of the vaccination cards must meet certain minimum requirements. It must show: Name of the owner, name of the dog, chip number, the ID number on each individual photo, the vaccine and the validity date. Each page of the vaccination card must be clearly identifiable by the card number. You can find an explanation and help here: ( link to the movie).

Last deadline is 25.09.2023. please prepare the document as described in the film and send it by mail to: vaccinations@icf-worldchampionship-2023.com.

Within 3 days you will get a feedback if everything is OK. If vaccinations are still missing, we will inform you in the mail and you will have time to catch up these vaccinations (see „vaccinations“).

At arrival all dogs must have the required vaccination status, even those that will not start. Therefore, additional random vaccination checks will be done at the Stakeout.

Booking of the desired Vetcheck slot:

From September 20th to Oktober 23rd, starters will be able to book their Vetcheck times in advance (link to booking page). When booking the VETcheck times please note:

For each start, only register the dog for the Vetcheck that has already been registered with the entry list by the team leader.

After booking the Vetcheck-slot you will receive a confirmation mail. Please keep the mail with the link. In case of emergency a booked time can be rebooked by using the confirmation link. In case of cancellation, please use the link to cancel the appointment so that it can be made available again for another participant.

If the registered dog cannot start or in case of change of the dog:

…… All required documents for the new dog must be printed and filled out again. Please also pay attention to the anti-doping regulations. In the case of a change of dog please DO NOT book a Vet-Check, but show up at the VET-Check in time after arrival with all documents, the vaccination card and all required things. There will be a complete check for the new dog. Please allow sufficient time for this.

For the vet check you neet the following things:

– registered dog

– Vaccination card

– Vet-check Examination form (download HERE)

– collar & harness

– Pulling leash for prechecking

– if necessary confirmation of medication / antidoping

– for starters under 18 years: guardianform (download HERE)

– If changing the dog: dogchanging form (download HERE)

Directly after the successful vetcheck you collect your BIB.

Therefor you need the undersigned consensform:

consensform EN (download HERE)

consensform FR (download HERE)

In case of emergency

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