Dear Team Leader

Please use the time table (download) for the careful allocation of your starters. We want to provide a smooth race flow and fair competitions.

For accompanying persons like teamleaders and doghandlers there will be again the possibility to order additional tickets for musherdinner and additional event shirts. The distribution of the additional food vouchers and shirts will be done collectively by the teamleaders. Registration link will follow soon.

We recommend all participants to invest the one-time stakeout fee of EUR 10,00 to be able to park together in the team on the stakeout. Daily entry and exit is possible, but registration via the ICF form is necessary. The parking fees outside the site are considerably higher.

As a teamleader, please make sure we have your correct cell phone number so we can notify you of scheduled teamleader meetings in a timely manner.

Download: Tabelle settings icf wm leipa.pdf