Free running dogs outside the stakeout are NOT allowed without exception. Violation of this rule will result in immediate disqualification!

Here you can find a preliminary plan of the new stakeout.

This time we have planned a large area in front of the entrance for a stopover. The Stakeout is closed for arrivals and departures on the arrival days from 20.00 o’clock to 8.00 o’clock. For this purpose, the overnight parking lot in front of the Nation Gate will be at your disposal, where you can check your access authorization already in the morning.

On the Stakeout we will try to let the nations stand together.

Next to the Stakeout (IN) there will be a day parking lot (OUT) especially set up for the participants, which can be conveniently accessed and left during the day as well.

A large expo mile with many regional and dog-specific vendors enhances the Stakeout area. Several attractions are also planned for visiting children.

CAMP Coordinates

51.83009640878879 | 12.960344770186495

You will find a wide ranged stakeout area on solid meadow directly beside start and finishline. There will be lights on the whole area, toilletcabins and washingtents. You can buy food and drinks as well as sportsequipment, dogfood and merchandising .

Beside a small expo there is the big mushertent where we will meet each other on the musherdinner on Saturday evening.

The local volunteers get their own stakeout with a „cometogether“-tent in the middle of the area.

The VET-check will take place at the stakeout-area. More information is coming soon.


When you arrive and first enter the stakeout-area each Starter has to pay 10,00 EUR for EEG-surcharge to the local community.
We are glad do anounce you, that familymembers an volunteers are for free. Please hold 10,00 EUR by arrival.

Please pay attention to the following rules:

  • No AC/DC at the stakeout, but you can use your own generator set from 7.00am to 10.00pm.
  • Do not enter the fields and forest outside our stake-out-place!
  • Dogs must be kept on the stake-out! It is forbidden to let them run free.
  • Please lead your dog on a leak outside your stakeoutarea.
  • Keep your stake-out clean!
  • Dispose fecal on your own and put it into your own bags.
  • Please keep the cleaning-tents and sanitary facilities clean.
  • Please dispose waste in the provided containers.
  • During the nighttime dogs have to stay in trailer or
  • Please close the holes in the ground and dispose the litter (straw).
  • At the stakeout area there will be a seperate cleaningbox where you can clean your equipment after the race.
  • Please take a look for your stake-out-place and pay attention that it looks like the day you arrived.

You will find a site map soon.

As long as everybody pay attention to the rules we will have a georgeus racetime.

We say thank you!

The organisation team and the volunteers