Stefan Grube Tierische Augenblicke https://www.pictrs.com/tierische-augenblicke/2527849 Dog Paparazzi Janette Grottendiek https://www.pictrs.com/dog-paparazzi/3236028 Yannic Schuster https://www.pictrs.com/…/1560222/icf-wm-2023-leipa… Lumikki Pictures https://www.pictrs.com/…/icf-world-championship-leipa… […]
… the stakeout is clean and the hard-working helpers are on their way home. A peaceful […]
We have put together a small but fine selection that will keep your memories alive. Matching […]
To give you a little more rest before the important Worldchampionship races, we have cancelled the […]
due to technical problems, unfortunately not all accreditations have arrived. Therefore, to be on the safe […]
From 25 to 29 October 2023, the International Canicross Federation (ICF) World Championship for Mono train […]
The Worldchampinship-T-shirt – memory of this unique experience, memory of your team, your friends, your time […]
The ICF General Assembly is over. The new trails have been approved, the 31-member delegation has […]