The booking platform for reserving vet check times will open in September.

Here you can book from 20.09.2023 to 23.10.2023 in advance your Vetcheck times bindingly please still have some patience.

For the booking will be valid:

For each start please register the one and only dog for the Vetcheck that has already been registered with the entry list by the team leader. After booking the Vetcheck-slot you will receive a confirmation mail. Please keep the mail with the link. In case of emergency, a booked time can be rebooked using the confirmation link. In case of cancellation, please use the link to cancel the appointment so that it can be made available again for another participant.

After the booking deadline, it is only possible to reserve one of the slots still available on site. The lists with open slots and the booking lists with your times will be posted at the Vet tent.