From 25 to 29 October 2023, the International Canicross Federation (ICF) World Championship for Mono train dog sport will take place in Leipa, Saxony-Anhalt.

Participants from 30 nations with a total of 900 starts in the three main categories of canicross runners, bikejörring and scooters with one dog can become world champions in 32 classes. The course lengths vary by class and range from 4.2 km to 2 km. [Link to the classes / https://icf-worldchampionship-2023.com/wm-de/klassen/ ]

In addition to the ICF as the world federation for pulling dog sport with one dog, the event is organised nationally by the Verband Deutscher Schlittenhundvereine (VDSV e.V.) and regionally by the Schlittenhunde Sportverein Sachen (SSVS e.V.) in cooperation with regional partners.

The timetable and information on how to get to the World Championships are published on the website at: https://icf-worldchampionship-2023.com/wm-de/zeitplan/.

Highlights are, besides the race days on 28 and 29 October, the demo race and the opening ceremony on 27 October. A large car park is available for guests. For the physical well-being, partners from the regional gastronomy are ready. There will be small attractions for children, e.g. a bouncy castle.

Note for guests: It is not permitted to bring dogs onto the race site.

The organising clubs and partners will be represented with numerous information stands on all aspects of draught dog sport.

In addition to the world championship titles, there will be medals, certificates and prizes from partner IDOG. There will also be special awards for animal welfare, longest journey to the race event and fair play.

Live race results will be available via Race Result. [https://my.raceresult.com/256846/]

Background information

Link to the ICF [https://www.canicross.international]

Link to the VDSV [https://vdsv.de]

Link to the SSVS [http://www.ssvs-sachsen.de]

Link to Glücksburger Heide [https://gluecksburgerheide.jimdo.com]

Planning for the event has been underway since around mid-2021. The team from SSVS e.V. and Glückburger Heide e.V. can draw on experience from previous events such as the 2021 German Championships and the 2022 European Championships.

If you have any questions, please contact our press office at presse@icf-worldchampionship-2023.com.



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