The Worldchampinship-T-shirt – memory of this unique experience, memory of your team, your friends, your time of preparation. A symbol of your participation in this Worldchampionship as well. Something special for your supporters, your family, your friends and everyone who was cheering with you. As a participant you will receive your own T-shirt for free. All others can order now HERE for 15,00 EUR in the pre-order until 4th October 2023!

Also the extra meals for teamleader, doghandler and escort can be ordered for 12,00 EUR via the link.

All extra orders will be given to the team leader and handed out through him!

After the order deadline, only small contingents of T-shirts (20.00 EUR) and food vouchers (15.00 EUR) can still be purchased at the regular price on site at the information booth!

Link to RaceResult event (online)



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